Tim Zimmermann - ZASZ

"There is no one better than Amanda McCoy. No one. You can quote me on it. Never have I worked with a musician with such talent, work ethic, drive and patience to succeed, always keeping a good mood and being positive. She is a true artist in every sense of the word, at everything she does, whether it be bass, guitar, singing, painting or what-have-you. Time and time again, she has proven to be not only an incredible musician (you’ll be hard pressed to find many people who can play like her...I purposefully write really difficult prog rock that she just owns), but also a fantastic leader, bandmate, worker, teacher and friend. There are very few people I trust implicitly…she is definitely one of them. Amanda is on my fire team. Straight up, if you get a chance to work with Amanda McCoy, you can chill. Everything is gonna be just fine."

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