Pandel Collaros

"In my 37 years of teaching, privately and at the university and college level, I have never had a student as talented and motivated as Amanda McCoy.  Her interest in the music of the African-American blues masters has made her an expert in the performance of blues, R&B, and rock musics.  Her formal training and experience has provided her with reading skills that allow her to cover the gamut from jazz to musical theater.  Amanda has mastered a variety of musical genres and equipped herself with the tools appropriate to tackle any musical style.  She reads and improvises well, and composes great songs.  Her solid, funky, and soulful bass playing just adds another dimension to her prodigious guitar, piano, and singing abilities. She is an opportunity not to be missed. Amanda's experience and training at the hands of skilled performer/pedagogues such as Victor Wooten and Kenny Aronoff have imbued her with a sense of professionalism that is lacking in most folks her age.  Always attentive to the needs of the situation, Amanda is an intuitive leader, and more importantly, she's an excellent follower--she knows her place in any given musical context and contributes more than her share to the success of the whole."

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