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  • Posted on 12.13.15 - 9:21pm
    Amanda McCoy's first annual Christmas sale is happening until December 24th. If you need a last minute gift, we've got you covered! This special collection features photographs (framed and ready to hang), acrylics, and watercolors. Please take a moment to look through the collection, and if you see something that connects with your soul, heart, and spirit - send us an email HERE. We would...
  • Posted on 11.22.15 - 10:07am
    Amanda just posted a new video from the studio! Here's what she had to say about the video -  Join me in Aaron's bedroom studio (Nashville, TN) as I cut a bass track for a brand-new Tristen Smith song! I set up my GoPro for the entire creative process. If you're not into seeing that process, skip to 6:28 for final playback with real audio.    Gear:  I'm running...
  • Posted on 10.23.15 - 10:46pm
    Amanda will be writing a daily blog on her travels through Europe with prog rock royalty, Pavlov's Dog. Go to the Journal section above to follow Pavlov's Blog. Be a part of the adventure!
  • Posted on 8.17.15 - 10:14pm
    Amanda has released a very special new collection of photographs, acrylics, and watercolors  - available for puchase today!  Please take a moment to look through the collection, and if you see something that connects with your soul, and spirit - send us an email! We'd love to see all of these pieces go to a great home. Send us an email at: Thank you...
  • Posted on 8.13.15 - 1:18pm
    The Hurt, a new album by Amanda McCoy - is now available worldwide through digital distribution! Below you will find a list of links to all of the digital distribution companies (websites) that have made The Hurt available for purchase. Visit your favorite online music store to buy The Hurt today! Click on the store to purchase!     iTunes Amazon Google Play Want to stream The...
  • Posted on 6.17.15 - 6:03pm
    This will be a very exciting evening of music, art, and song - together as one. Amanda McCoy will present all original music with her band, Vertigo Moon, at her first gallery opening - showcasing her new series of watercolor and acrylic paintings.  These paintings will visually represent the songs, stories, emotion, and music at this special event.  Amanda hails from Nashville, TN, and...
  • Posted on 5.10.15 - 6:01pm
    Amanda McCoy is now on Instagram - you can be part of the movement here! Follow Amanda McCoy on Instagram for updates, new music, session videos, tour videos, and art.  If you're lucky, you may have a few Vertigo Moon Visions. 
  • Posted on 3.20.15 - 8:57am
    New music from Black Shag! Check it out. This new lyric video features Amanda McCoy on bass and vocals. Amanda recorded this tune with her Crook Custom blue sparkle T-Bass, coming through a vintage 100W Marshall. The power!  If you love Rock and Roll - and want to shake your ass... you need to see this video!
  • Posted on 2.18.15 - 2:59am
    Amanda McCoy performs a new original song called "My Gold," live from Shake the House Recording in Nashville, TN. Lead vocals and acoustic guitar were recorded live - harmony vocals, and piano recorded separately. Engineered by Aaron Rochotte from Shake the House Recording. Aaron is also featured on harmony vocals, and piano. Song written by Amanda McCoy. Amanda also created a new...
  • Posted on 2.13.15 - 11:18am
    Amanda McCoy demos her Crook Custom Blue Sparkle Paisley T-Bass. Featuring music by Tristen Smith.  Special thank you to Aaron Rochotte at Shake the House Recording, and Bill Crook.  Check out Crook Custom Guitars online!