Travel Unto Dawn released

Nashville's only progressive-rock band, Zasz, releases a new track that is exclusively available to their online community! Right now, you can download "Travel Unto Dawn" FOR FREE - but only for a limited time!

CLICK HERE to download! 

"Travel Unto Dawn" features Tim Zimmermann (vox/composition), Dan Shyles (keys/synth), Sean Sunderland (percussion), Ryan Hartman (guitar), and Amanda McCoy (bass). 

We caught up with Amanda today out on the road, and she talked about what it was like to record "Travel Unto Dawn" in the studio, and what it takes to perform it live. 

"Travel Unto Dawn is exhausting... (laughs)... it's one of my absolute favorite Zasz songs, ever. I think the brilliance of Tim Zimmermann really shines through in this song. I mean, just listen to his lyrics, harmonies, arrangement of the composition and instrumentation. It's insane. I'm not sure how so much information comes from one persons brain. It blows my mind to think about it. This song is not easy for the band. At all. It was a bear to get the bass parts the way I wanted them in the studio. I spent a lot of time finding different tones and positions for each section. Basically, there are five sections to this song... and they each require a lot of attention to detail. In my bass track, you will hear some speed, smooth melodic lines, some funk, and some Jaco. I love it! In the studio, I used my "number 1 bass," and as always, I was so happy with the sounds I ended up with. That bass can do anything, I swear. I had it running through a vintage bass cab... (laughs)... my secret vintage cab that I use in the studio, and that really made all the difference. Now, to play this song live is a whole other bear to deal with. However, we really pull it off... come out to a show and see it sometime. It's insane. First of all, you have Sean Sunderland murdering the drums beside me, Dan Shyles is playing piano - PLUS, he's hitting a million triggers, and Tim Zimmermann is commanding the stage with incredible soaring vocals. It's really a special production. I'm proud to be a part of it." 

Stay tuned for more information on Zasz and their upcoming projects, and releases.