PROG Magazine - Issue 68

Amanda McCoy is featured in the new issue of PROG! In PROG 68, you will find a beautiful four-page spread on Pavlov's Dog (prog rock royalty)... The Outer Limits section (page 72-75). 

The story features incredible history, a great picture of the current line-up, beautiful, vintage photos of the original band, and an excellent interview with David Surkamp! Pavlov's Dog fans will rejoice!

PROG is a British magazine dedicated to progressive rock music!



Here are some of Amanda's favorite excerpts: 

"Some hailed them as America's first prog band, while others just thought they were barking mad. Despite veering off into more mainstream music, they played with members of King Crimson and their early sound still influences prog artists today." - Paul Lester 

"With their act of medieval folk metal, songtitles alluding to Arthurian legends, shifting time signatures and the singer's startling, shrill voice, Pavlov's Dog were arguably America's first prog band." - Paul Lester

"What we did have was a reputation that you didn't really want to follow us as a live act. KISS wouldn't play on a bill with us - they were afraid of being blown offstage - and Aerosmith dropped us after two nights." - David Surkamp 

"The album, and the latest incarnation of Pavlov's Dog (featuring all new, young players - of the original members, Carver died in 2009 and Rayburn in 2012) finds Surkamp at his happiest." - Paul Lester 

"This is the real Pavlov's Dog that I always had in my head." - David Surkamp 

Go grab a copy at your local bookstore!