New Zasz tracks released

Nashville's only progressive-rock band, Zasz, releases two new tracks, that are now available for download! "The Coming Down Rain," and "Platinum City Rise" are now available for an exclusive FREE download - but only for a limited time. So, be sure to grab them before it's too late! 

CLICK HERE to download! 

Amanda was just in the studio working on two new bass tracks. Here is what she has to say about the upcoming Zasz releases: 

"I've been in the studio with my producer for the past couple of days, together we have found the perfect bass tone/vibe for Zasz. I usually track with my "number 1" bass (Fender Jazz V custom), but for one of the new releases we experimented with using a vintage Fender Precision. Wow, what a perfect fit for "The Cusp." I can't wait until these new tracks are released. I can guarantee that the world has never heard anything quite like what Zasz is preparing to unload. Tracking Zasz songs is always a big challenge because I am a perfectionist, and so is Tim Zimmermann (Zasz). Together, we work diligently on tone, note placement, rhythms, etc. Sometimes, I am told to take out a sixteenth... or put in a sixteenth. I love that. Tim Zimmermann writes the most challenging, and technically difficult lines, and I love perfecting them, then tracking them. It takes time, patience, and hours of preparation to track for Zasz... and I am always up for the challenge, and Tim knows that. I love working with the Zasz boys (Tim, Dan, Sean, and Ryan), they are a different kind of breed - we are all about REAL music, a REAL studio experience, and a REAL live show. It truly is an honor to work with such amazing musicians. We can't wait to get back on tour with this new material!" 

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming releases from Zasz.