Black Shag

Amanda McCoy will be performing with the infamous Black Shag - starting in February 2014. Black Shag is based in Nashville, TN. Members include: Tommy Daley, Brandon Barnes, and Amanda McCoy. 

Here's what Amanda had to say about Black Shag. 

"I got a call from my buddy, Brandon Barnes, asking if I would like to audition for this band called Black Shag... a new project that he was involved in. As soon as I heard the material, I jumped at the opportunity! Black Shag kicks ass. Period. There is something so special about a rock and roll trio - not a lot of people can pull it off. Black Shag not only pulls it off... Black Shag owns it. After getting together with both Tommy and Brandon... and playing through the material... the vibe, feel, energy, and magic were all undeniable. Tommy Daley is a monster guitar player, vocalist, and songwriter - he's the real deal... and Brandon Barnes... well, he's a bass guitarists dream. I've worked with Brandon for years, and have loved every minute of it! Put both of those guys together, and it's crazy! I'm super excited to be performing with two of the best musicians in town, and in such a real project. Black Shag is a rock and roll powerhouse. Come and see for yourself." 

Black Shag will be performing at the following Nashville venues in February 2014: 

2/19/14 - The 5 Spot, 9:30PM

2/28/14 - The Rutledge, time TBA

... more dates to be added (stay tuned)

Check out Black Shag HERE