Queen of Sound

Greetings from beautiful Nashville, TN!

This New Year has already brought new sessions, shows, music, and opportunities! I have entered 2016 with a new mindset. Complete artistic freedom - both musically and visually. All creative works must come to light! In order to do this, I needed to give myself even more focused creative time. Time to breath, reflect, plan, and conquer. I always set aside my daily practice time (to woodshed whatever I need to work on) - but I kept thinking, I need time to create - and explore. Time to free-write, paint, plug in and play. No planning - just creating. I need to spend any free moment that I have this year on my product, my craft, my brand, life-style, and movement. A creative movement where everything is 100% authentic. 

I started this process by completely visually revamping my website. Dan Shyles from Truefortune Workshop did an amazing job of bringing all of my crazy ideas to life! He's the best. 

So, my job as a "backing musician" here in Nashville is definitely my main gig. Prominently as a bass guitarist - but I also play guitar (lead and rhythm). I absolutely love it! I love the challenge and thrill of working with multiple artists of multiple genres. It definitely keeps me on my toes! Always exciting. This year I have set multiple goals  - and I look forward to attaining them. Working with new artists, and playing bigger/better gigs are just two of many. I want to keep climbing onward and upward. More on that next time! 

Most importantly, this year I am putting out a new album - my third album to be exact. As always, Pandel Collaros is producing. I'm so lucky to have such a brilliant man in my corner! In honor of this new album, I will be doing my first-ever house concert tour in August! We start in Canada. I can't wait to release more information on this! 

After releasing The Hurt, I immediately started writing new material. Over the past few years, I have compiled new songs, emotions, and experiences. The muses have spoken - and I continue to listen. Stories have been told. A new theme, and character have surfaced. She is clad in purple, black, and gold... swinging a cape over her shoulder, and sitting on a royal purple throne. Will you be ready for her arrival? 

The Queen of Sound is coming. 

- A