Pavlov's Blog - Traveling to Munich

Greetings from Munich! We made it! 

So, while we were at dinner tonight - Nathan (our amazing new keyboard player) gave me this wonderful idea... Pavlov's Blog! Ha! Genius. I'm going to do my best to do a daily tour blog about our shows, rehearsals, and journey! Be prepared - some parts will be hilarious. Abbie brought some card games (like Spot It, and Exploding Kittens)... things will get crazy. 

DAY 1 

I left Nashville around noon to catch a connecting flight to Atlanta! Special thanks to Tristen for getting me there on time! As a touring musician, I worry about flying with my gear. I always take my guitar with me on the plane, put my most important pedals in my book bag (just in case my luggage doesn't make it) - then I pack the remaining pedals and pedal board in my luggage. So, I kissed my luggage goodbye - and hoped my remaining pedals would make it to Munich in one piece! 

Flash forward, I arrive in Atlanta and meet everyone else who flew in from St. Louis. Timing was perfect, and I found them quickly! After meeting up, we decide to get some food before our next flight. 

The real title of this blog should be A Quest for Vegan Food

The last time I traveled out of the country, I was not a vegan. Things are different now, and I need to be aware of what I'm putting into my body! I'm a pretty strict vegan - other than having some occasional seafood.

I found a Bistro that had some good options - which I adjusted to be healthier. I ended up having a grilled veggie sandwich with no cheese or mayo. Also, I asked them not to put any butter on the bread before heating it up.

So far so good, that worked! 

After an intro game of Exploding Kittens, we board the plane. I was in a row with Abbie, Rick, and Nathan. It was great! I couldn't ask for better travel buddies and friends! 

Delta Fail #1

Dinner time. I was careful to order a vegan meal online 24 hours in advice! Nope. Didn't happen. I ended up getting the vegetarian option they presented, which was ravioli in sauce, salad, brownie, cheese, and a pretzel roll. I didn't eat the cheese or brownie - but I opened up the ravioli, scraped out the cheese and went for it! Luckily, I didn't have any major weird reactions or problems. I just had a bit of a stomach ache - definitely not the worst thing that could have happened. 

*Side note: Never watch Spy on a plane. Haha! I had to control my laughter, which is so hard for me! Melissa McCarthy is hilarious. 

Delta Fail #2

After landing in Munich and going through customs, it was off to the baggage claim! My luggage arrived (I was so thankful), but after grabbing it - I noticed that my front pocket zipper was broken. Luckily, I didn't have anything important packed in the very front. Nothing fell out - except for my toothbrush. Not too big of a deal, but definitely annoying. 

We then meet our wonderful tour manager and drummer, Manfred! He always takes such great care of us. Off to our hotel! We made a quick stop to see Matthi and pick up David's guitar! 

We are staying at Hotel Huber in Munich - great little place with a grocery store right behind it called Norma. Before I crashed, I grabbed a soft pretzel and some fresh fruit! 

After a lovely little nap, we all went to dinner at a lovely restaurant by our hotel. I forget the name, but I had an amazing, healthy dinner. Baked fish, and fresh steamed veggies. Perfect! Finally - a good meal! 

Delta Fail #3 

After dinner, I wanted to get my pedal board pieced together and ready for rehearsal tomorrow. So, I start unpacking my suitcase - and get my pedal board out. Everything looked great at first glance, but when I started putting my pedals back on the board, I noticed a little white knob sitting in the bottom of my case. The most important knob was broken off of my Ravish Sitar pedal! It is very strange because I had the board tightly packed within my luggage (IN A CASE), with bubble-wrap and everything. Someone had to break this knob off by dropping the board while taking it out of the case - or hitting the knob with something. There is a little dent in the side of the knob. It's so strange! I expected my luggage to have a rough ride, so I really took precautions. This should not have happened! 

So, before getting too excited - I stayed calm, hooked up the board, plugged it in... and was hoping that the sitar pedal saved my settings (so I wouldn't even need the white control knob). Luckily, it did! Whew! So, the only test will be to actually hook it all up tomorrow and play. I'm slightly worried because I think the board was dropped. So, I'm hoping nothing was jarred inside of the pedal. Fingers crossed! 

I'm so glad that I packed all of my vintage and important pedals in my book bag! 

I filed a complaint with Delta - so, we'll see what happens. I've been reading terrible posts by musicians with broken gear who basically said Delta didn't give a shit, and didn't make anything right. BUT - I'm going to stay optimistic! Even if they don't make it right - I'm hoping that I can have this fixed. It's just a pedal, but as musicians, we count on airlines to get our precious gear to our destination in one piece!

Part of being a touring musician is being prepared for things to go wrong - and adjusting. So, if this pedal doesn't work. It's not a big deal, I can handle it! However, I really do hope it works because it will add so much to a special spot in our show. Send good vibes to my sitar pedal! 

That brings day one to a close! It's currently 6:17AM. Euro breakfast soon! YUM!

More tomorrow - we have a rehearsal at 2PM. Our first show is on Sunday at Legends of Rock in Munich! 

- A