Pavlov's Blog - The Pedal Works

DAY 2 

Ladies and gentlemen, the sitar pedal works.

Thank you Electro Harmonix for building a pedal that can have its damn control knob broken off - and still work! So thankful. 

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day! The leaves look great - bright colors, accompanied with a chill in the air. Perfect. One of my favorite parts of the day was walking to the grocery store to pick up some goodies after rehearsal. 


We had a nice little rehearsal yesterday - just to warm up and review before our first show (today). It was nice to get the pedal board up and running - and to play through an amp. I'll be anxious to really dial it in during soundcheck today. My magic pedal is the 1974 MXR Distortion + ... nothing comes close. Special thank you to Pan! 

I love to pair the vintage MXR with an EP Booster from Xotic. So good! 

As always, I'm playing through a Fender Deluxe.

David is playing through his Vox AC30. 

It is a real pleasure to play with Manfred. He's such a pro - and really knows the songs like the back of his hand! It's a beautiful thing. I'm excited to play with him tonight! 

Also, here's a sneak peak of his bass drum... 

Here are a couple of shots after our rehearsal.

I love these guys. It's so nice to be out on the road with people you like, respect, and love to play with! It's really special when that happens. 

After rehearsal, a nap, and the grocery store run - Manfred had us over to his place for pizza, beer, chocolate, and great conversation! He was such a good host. I'm so thankful that I have the opportunity to get to know him a little better on this tour. I felt like I spent the entire night laughing. We are a funny bunch! 

I really love to laugh! It's so good for the soul.

So, tonight we play our first show in Munich. Exciting!

Pavlov's Dog fans are incredible - some of the most dedicated fans I have ever experienced. I'm pumped to see and interact with them tonight!  

That's it for day two! More tomorrow. 

- A