Pavlov's Blog - Oettingen in Bayern

Greetings from Oettingen in Bayern! What an amazing little town. I wouldn't mind living here someday! 

I haven't been able to keep a consistent blog while touring with Pavlov's Dog - due to being so busy, and not having a connection on a regular basis (which is actually pretty awesome, I must say). Today we are headlining the Wudzdog Festival in Germany! Very exciting. I'm definitely going to be capturing the whole show on my GoPro tonight! 

So far we have performed in Paris, London, and Lisbon! Crazy! It has been a blast so far. Eventually, I will post dedicated blogs to each city and experience. I have so much to show you! 

For now, join me for an adventure through Oettingen in Bayern. Wow, wow, wow. The weather is gorgeous... and the view out of my hotel room is absolutely breathtaking! 

Check it out!

We are staying at the Hotel Seebauer Krone, and it is lovely! After a long travel day (yesterday), we were treated to a lovely meal at our hotel. The chef made some adjustments for me (being a vegan is always an adventure, and not being able to speak the language is even more of an adventure), and this is what I had for dinner. Incredible! Even though I identify with/embrace a vegan lifestyle, I still allow myself to have fish occasionally. 

Yes. Beer. The good stuff! I never understood beer until I experienced it in Germany!

Check out this amazing view during our flight... starting our descent in Munich. Beautiful! 

Here are a few shots that I captured this morning. Enjoy! 

Nathan enjoying his beautiful treat! 

What a beautiful day... and tonight will be even better! I can't wait to perform. 

Here are a few wonderful shots captured in Lisbon by Joana Viana. Thank you, Joana!  

More to come. Stay tuned!

- A