Pavlov's Blog - Het Depot & Reithalle

Wow, it's December! How the hell did that happen so fast? Time is flying right on by. I guess the old saying is true! It has almost been a month since my last blog post. So, I better catch you guys back up! This particular Pavlov's Blog will be my final blog of this series. In this blog, I'll focus on my absolute favorite show of the tour (Het Depot in Leuven, Belgium) and our last show (Reithalle). Let's get right to it! 

Het Depot - Leuven, Belgium

Wow, this show was pure magic. Seriously! The energy, happy vibes, and love that the audience showed us was just incredible. There is nothing like standing on stage and feeling all of that energy!

Our soundcheck was very smooth and quick; I always really appreciate an incredible sound crew! 

Manfred and David surveying their kingdom! 

Sunny Vegas at soundcheck. Love those guys! 

Before the show, we had an amazing meal prepared with love by a few top-notch chefs. They had options for everyone - which I so appreciated. There were many vegan options! YES! 

Here's a shot of our long table. Beautiful! 

*Insert Batman quote (from the original movie with Michael Keaton)... "Could you pass the salt?" 

Skip to 1:04 to experience the magic. Ha! 

My little sisters might be the only people who appreciate that, and our long ass dinner table at Het Depot! 

After our beautiful meal, we walked downstairs to our dressing rooms. Don't look down! 

Timeline for the show. 

Pre-show selfie. Getting pumped! 

A wonderful group shot before the show! I love this picture. 

I had to grab a shot too. I absolutely LOVE this velvet top that my stylist picked out for me!

It's hot as hell on stage, but it's totally worth it. 

A big shout out to the beautiful, kind, and very talented Ms. Payton Kemp. She's the best - my soul sister! Check her out HERE

You don't have to be a musician/performer to have a personal stylist (although, it is definitely recommended... she has helped me so much in that department). Payton is available to style anybody! I would encourage you to reach out - she will make you feel beautiful, inspired, and so comfortable! She'll also school you in rock and roll. Guaranteed. 

While Sunny Vegas was warming up the audience for us, I captured this awesome video. 

Join me as I take a walk from my dressing room to the stage - capturing a special moment between Sunny Vegas and the audience. 

After that, it was time for us to hit the stage! Here are some of my favorite videos from that special evening. 

As always, I took a lot of footage with my GoPro. Some of these videos feature the guitar cam! 

The first video features one of my absolute favorite Pavlov's Dog tunes - the classic, "Episode." Beautiful.

Right after "Episode" we went into "Did You See Him Cry" and "Song Dance."

This is probably my favorite video of the entire tour. So much energy! 

After "Song Dance," we went into "Valkerie." Our setlist this year had an amazing ending! 

A couple of fans posted great footage from this show! I'll post those below. I have no idea who you guys are - but thank you! 

Here's a short video of my solo spot in the show - using my Ravish Sitar pedal (Electro-Harmonix). Love that pedal!

"Theme From Subway Sue"

Show intro! "Echo & Boo" into "Late November."

Here's a crowd view for "Song Dance." 

I hope that you enjoyed all of the videos! As you can see, this truly was a special show. 

Photo credit: JP Daniels

After the show, one of our incredible chefs asked us if we were hungry. Abbie and I jumped right on that! 

So many baby potatoes. We ate like Queens! 


It was REALLY hard winding down after this show. Whew! 

Reithalle - Rastatt, Germany

Here are some backstage shenanigans before the show, I think you'll enjoy. 

We found a gummy violin and guitar. Perfect photo opportunity! 

Stretching it out before the show. 

Photo credit: Andy Hainz

Here's another video featuring my Ravish Sitar pedal (Electro-Harmonix) - this was definitely the best sitar solo of the tour! 

They were different every night.

Finally, after many requests - here is our 2015 setlist.

This is my special setlist, complete with capo positions and tunings! 

Shhhh! Top secret info.



To wrap up the final Pavlov's Blog, I would like to extend my love, appreciation, and thanks - to each and every Pavlov's Dog fan that came out to see a show on this tour! We love and appreciate you all so much. You all are the reason that these tours happen, and we cannot wait to see you all next year.

I look forward to looking out and seeing all of your beautiful faces in the crowd! 

All my love to you.

Until next time... stay safe, healthy, and happy!

David, Sara, Abbie, Rick, Nathan, and Manfred - I love you all, what an honor it is to share the stage with such fine musicians, human-beings, and friends!

My special thanks and love to Manfred, Matthi, and Erwin (Sunny Vegas). You guys made it so easy for us! Thank you for all of your extra work. I absolutely loved watching Sunny Vegas perform every night!

Manfred, you are a total bas ass for pulling triple duty on this tour. Thank you! Much respect. 

Counting down until the next great adventure.

- A