Pavlov's Blog - The Birth of Oskar

I am currently sitting in a beautiful hotel room in Verviers, Belgium. This morning we enjoyed a lovely breakfast - complete with pancakes and champagne! Beautiful.

Photo credit: Rick Steiling 

I haven't had a chance to blog over the past couple of days - so, today I am going to catch up! We left off right before the Munich show, so let's start there. 

DAY 3 

This morning, Delta reached out by email to figure out what they can do about my broken sitar pedal. I was pretty shocked - but very pleased with their customer service! They wanted to know when I bought the pedal and how much I paid for it. So, that sounds like a great start to me! We'll see what happens with that. I'm hoping that they will make things right.

Legends Lounge, Munich - SHOW 1


Before the show, we had a beautiful dinner at Dorfstub'n in Olching. Yum! 

We had a lot of fun in the dressing room before the show - playing Exploding Kittens, and witnessing the birth of Oskar. 

Meet Oskar Surkamp, a sweet little bat that has been waiting for David in Munich. 

Photo credit: Rick Steiling 

Here are a couple of pictures before the show! 

The show was great - and the audience was beautiful! 

Here's a video of "Theme from Subway Sue" from the first show. I will be posting a lot of guitar cam videos, so you can see things from my perspective! 

DAY 4 

Der Hirsch, Nuremberg - SHOW 2 

This was such a special show. By far my favorite! 

When we arrived to Der Hirsch for soundcheck - they had such a beautiful meal waiting on us! Fresh and lovely.

Abbie found a couple of flowers in her salad. Her excitement made all of us excited! Ha! 

Photo credit: Rick Steiling 

So, back to the show... it was magical. There is something truly incredibly and overwhelming about connecting with your audience. Pavlov's Dog fans are the best! They love the music - and are so appreciative!

Some of my favorite shows are with this fantastic band - not only because of the music, my band-mates, and guitar riffs... but because of the fans!

Here's a stage shot from the show in Nuremberg. Thank you for sending, Andi! 

Photo credit: Andi Weimann 

My rig before the show. 

Manfred's setup. 

Here are a couple of pre-show pictures.

Post-show picture with our friend Peter. Oskar joined in for this one! 

I couldn't help tearing up a few times during this show. The band was spot on - and the audience was perfect. Music is such an emotional experience!

Here's a live video from the Nuremberg show of "Try To Hang On." I love this moment in the show! 


We had a wonderful day off on Tuesday. For part of the day we drove from Nuremberg to Verviers. What a beautiful drive! 

After arriving at our lovely hotel - we took a little rest. Amazing rooms!

That evening we went to Au P'tit Nico for mussels. Wow, wow, wow! 

Thank you to David and Sara for treating us to such a wonderful meal. Outstanding!

It was so, so lovely! After dinner, in the streets of Belgium. 

Photo credit: Rick Steiling 

What a wonderful adventure we are having! 

Last night we performed at the Spirit of 66. One of my favorite venues. It was an amazing show!

I can't wait to tell you all about it.