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  • Posted on 1.05.14 - 11:24pm
    Amanda McCoy will be performing with the infamous Black Shag - starting in February 2014. Black Shag is based in Nashville, TN. Members include: Tommy Daley, Brandon Barnes, and Amanda McCoy.  Here's what Amanda had to say about Black Shag.  "I got a call from my buddy, Brandon Barnes, asking if I would like to audition for this band called Black Shag... a new project that he...
  • Posted on 12.23.13 - 2:56am
    Amanda will be joining Tristen Smith for a performance at Black Sheep Vineyard, located in Adena, OH - Friday, December 27th (7:30PM). $5 cover at the door. You won't want to miss this great show!  Please check out the map below for directions!
  • Posted on 6.29.13 - 2:27pm
    Amanda McCoy will join world-renowned progressive band, Pavlov's Dog, as the lead guitarist for their 2013 World Tour. We caught up with Amanda and here's what she had to say about the upcoming tour with Pavlov's Dog:  "I was so excited when I got the call to audition for Pavlov's Dog in St. Louis last week. After receiving the call, I grabbed my Strat and got to work on...
  • Posted on 6.17.13 - 11:13pm
    Please join us for the last showcase at this historic Nashville location! On this exciting evening, Amanda McCoy will be releasing her new album, The Hurt - and performing a very special show with her amazing band. This is going to be a fabulous gathering... celebrating many years, and many memories at Manuel's - AND celebrating the release of a new album from Amanda.  We look forward to...
  • Posted on 6.01.13 - 12:54pm
    Amanda McCoy performs an original, live from the House of Manuel, Nashville, TN. "Tug River," and "Sweet Boy" are set to be released on The Hurt, an upcoming album from Amanda McCoy  - on June 26, 2013. Musicians include: Amanda McCoy & Pandel Collaros
  • Posted on 5.14.13 - 11:35am
    The official music video for John the Revelator, shot in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Produced by Pandel Collaros. 
  • Posted on 3.27.13 - 1:46am
    Amanda McCoy performs an original, live from the House of Manuel, Nashville, TN. "Into Blue" is set to be released on The Hurt, an upcoming album from Amanda McCoy - in Spring 2013. Musicians include: Amanda McCoy & Pandel Collaros
  • Posted on 1.22.13 - 1:25pm
    Today is the official paperback release of A Land More Kind Than Home, a wonderful novel by Wiley Cash. Amanda and Wiley will do a special show together in Nashville on Wednesday, February 20th - at Manuel Couture (Nashville, TN). 6PM-8PM. Make sure that you come by and say hello at the event! Most importantly, go grab this book today. It is a must read!  This novel inspired Amanda's new...
  • Posted on 1.13.13 - 3:44am
    A new Amanda McCoy original is now available for download! In honor of the paperback release of A Land More Kind Than Home, an incredible novel by Wiley Cash - Amanda has released "The Rain Barrel."  To preview and purchase, CLICK HERE! A Land More Kind Than Home (New York Times Bestseller) will be available in paperback on January 22, 2013. Pick it up at a store near you, or...
  • Posted on 8.27.12 - 11:53pm
    Amanda will be performing with Tristen Smith at The National Underground - located in Nashville, TN on Saturday, September 1st. Tristen will be sharing the stage with Marla Morris! The show starts at 6PM. You definitely do not want to miss this fantastic event!